CARE of COTTON Costumes

COTTON COSTUME CARE - From Harrisons Halloween 100% Cotton Baby Costumes and Castles N Crowns Dress-up Costume Boutique (Kids Capes, Tutus, Cotton Baby Halloween Costumes):

Cotton is a natural fabric known for its comfort and durability. Cotton is also a good choice for those with skin sensitivities to synthetic polyester (which most children’s costumes are made from).

Improper care can weaken the fabric fibers. Cotton clothing will last longer iif cared for properly. Instructions on how to pre-treat stains, wash, dry and hang cotton clothing are listed in this article at

Fabric: Easy-care, machine-washable cotton. Our Harrisons Halloween 100% Cotton Baby Halloween Costumes are made of high-quality cotton fabric for greater comfort.

Washing: Do not use hot water or bleach, as cotton may shrink and colors may fade. With our cotton baby costumes we recommend a pre-wash before wearing the first time. Can also be spot cleaned or hand-washed. Cotton clothing should be turned inside out to wash to preserve colors, however our cotton baby costumes are black so this is not necessarily required.

Drying: You may dry our Harrisons Halloween Cotton Baby Halloween Costumes on a regular permanent-press or cool setting of your dryer.

Press/Iron: Ironing our Cotton Baby Costumes is not usually necessary unless very wrinkled. We usually just hang up to reshape, or toss damp costume in cool dryer for awhile and remove promptly, just as you would perma-press. If you still want to remove wrinkles, use a clothing steamer or warm steam iron.

Store/hang: Either hang or fold and store in drawer or closet until next wearing.

Warning: Keep all costumes and clothing away from open flame! Not to be worn as sleepwear.

Wear and enjoy! Takes lots of pictures! :)

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